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dp-SWITCH complies to requirements of JIG Operational Bulletins No. 58 and 111.

The FAUDI Aviation dp-SWITCH is designed to be connected with a mechanical dp
gauge that measures the pressure difference between inlet and outlet of a filter vessel
in safety-critical applications. The switching pressure is adjusted to 1 bar (15 psi) and
designed to automatically stop the fuelling operation. It is suitable for competitive inter-
change and easy to retrofit.

To ensure a flexible operation, the dp-SWITCH is equipped with a microswitch that en-
able the switching of an electrical load up to 30 VDC, 2 A directly.

The dp-SWITCH system offered by FAUDI Aviation comes in two alternative options:
• Safe area set
• Hazardous area approved set
(System fulfills the classification for potentially explosive areas)

All sets are equipped as a standard with stainless steel proximity switch, sensor cable
for connection and key switch to reset the safety relay when activated.